Science and Nature

Throughout the novel, Victor constantly seeks domination of human nature. In creating a being like himself he proves to the world that the natural state of life and death is broken. Victor’s immense fascination with the vast opportunities that science offers turns him obsessed with the idea of manipulating life. He closes himself to the world and devotes the next 2 years of his life to his new project.

Bringing the dead back to life is something that goes clearly against the natural flow of nature. Because of this, nature goes against Victor and punishes him greatly through his own creation. The monster kills many people close to Victor. He went against the natural flow of nature and now he is to pay the price. By creating the dead he broke the link between science and nature and his comfort in life was the cost.

Victor at first loves the look of nature, the mountains, the lakes and the beauty that it offers him. He feels refreshed and respects its beauty. But  Nature had no more to give to Victor because of what he had done and soon he became ill and frightened by the monsters threats. Victor could no longer go anywhere without the feeling of being watched and possibly getting killed. Thus, Victor does not see nature as a place of peace and relaxation and by the end of the novel, he becomes so consumed by hatred for his creation that his only purpose is to hunt down the monster, no longer depending on nature nor seeking any peace from it.

The book demonstrates the dangers of science and what it can achieve if we are not careful. Though the book does more than just show us the dangers of science, it shows us the consequences that we might encounter when we are not careful in the advancement of our technology. It makes us reflect on our decisions and what can come from it.


The love between Victor and Elizabeth

Victor has always said that he is in love with Elizabeth. Since his childhood he has known her. However, when he leaves to the University of Ingolstadt and makes the monster, he cuts out his whole family including Elizabeth. What to make of this? He loses contact with Elizabeth for so long that she writes to him asking if he has found another love.

Frankenstein proves on many occasions of his self-absorbed way of thinking and how obsessed he is with his ideas of creating a being. He proves this when he finally marries Elizabeth and knows the monster has told him that he will show up and kill him. Thoughtlessly, he leaves Elizabeth alone while he checks out the downstairs of their honeymoon lodge. This shows that he is not a very clever lover and that he did not completely take Elizabeth’s well being into consideration. In the end, it was her who suffered and Victor still was alive. Victor lacked of commitment in Elizabeth and she died because of him.

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Frankenstein’s Survival

Frankenstein’s monster has never been able to place himself in the world. When he was created, he was severely rejected by his own creator and was forced out into the world which he did not ask to be brought to. Lost and alone, he fled where he knew no one would come looking for him, into the forest. Since he was not born a human from the beginning, the monster was lost and did not know what life was or how to prepare for it. He never had a family and never had someone to guide him.

The monster had one thing in mind since the beginning, survival. He wanted to learn how to think like a human and be like a human so that he could survive in this world which he did not belong. He had taught himself to read by listening to the family at the cottage. This helped his survival a lot and this is where he began to reconsider what he wanted his life to be. An event that proved that he wanted to survive was when he asked Victor to make him a female lover. He wanted to continue living in the forest all alone only with this female monster which Frankenstein would create. The monster was looking to be able to survive in a world that would not accept him but Victor would not let him.

Success and Failure in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is a man who has been successful throughout his life. His plan to create a man was at first a crazy idea. Success and failure are both very present during his life. Victor’s creation of the monster was both a success and a failure. It was a success because he was able to create a being out of a lab. This being which he created was brilliant, he had dreamed about creating a man and had worked so hard to achieve this. Once Victor had created the monster he regretted it right away, saying, “the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” (Shelley 35) He created a monster who was so dreadful that he could not even look at it without disgust. He had failed to create a being who could adapt to the human world, the monster he had created was too strong, too ugly, too frightening to be accepted by any human. This is where failure took over the success of creating this being which he so longed for. He had created a being who did no good and who killed Victor’s family. In the end, his creation was only a failure to his life because his own hands were the creator of the killer of his family.

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