This blog was created with the purpose of hosting Frankenstein-related content for avid fans of Mary Shelley’s original novel “Frankenstein“. We have been invited to promote the Studio for Late Cinema (SLC), an organization which specializes in making movie adaptations of classics from literature. Our team of creative and experienced authors are here to provide readers with the highest-quality Frankenstein material we can conjure up in order to gather public interest in a new Frankenstein movie adaptation.

Through weekly postings, we hope to satisfy the hunger for more Frankenstein, as well as provide thoughtful insight on related topics.

So to all you Gothic-Horror fans out there, we welcome you with open arms, though what you may find here may chill you to the bone!



-FrankenBlog Team

Thomas Vaillancourt: Author, Editor, & Blog Technician

Oliver Nourcy: Senior Author and Researcher

Olivier Villeneuve: Senior Author and Analyst

Samuel Niederreiter: Author, Quiz technician, and Fact Checker.

Alex Paquin: Author and Editor.

Nicholas Bonneau: Author and Film Analyst.