Author Page

Oliver Nourcy

19 Year-old student, writer and manga reader. Has written numerous short stories and literary works. Huge lovecraftian-themed creations fan.

Thomas Vaillancourt:

19 Year-old student, author, and avid horror reader. Has written several horror stories and poems, as well as atmospheric music made to terrify.

Olivier Villeneuve:

19 Year-old student and author experienced in mystery and horror novels. Avid fan of horror, suspense, and gore movies. Has previously created short movies for scholarly purposes.

Philippe Boucher:

19 Year-old analyst of horror movies and stories. Expert on all things supernatural.

Nicholas Bonneau-Gauthier:

19 Year-old college student and author.  A lover of horror stories, novels, and movies, who likes to write with a brutal twist.

Samuel Niederreiter:

18 Year-old student and businessman. Highly motivated content creator with experience in various literary genres.

Alex Paquin:

18 Year-old student. Highly qualified blogger with skills in editing and proofreading. Writes as a hobby and is a fan of classic fiction.