If Victor would have created again

After Victor goes and hears his creature’s story he decides to agree to create another creature like him but in a female version. Victor finally decides to start his work on this female creature after he reaches England with Henry. In the story, Henry dies because Victor angered the creature by destroying what work he had done on the female creature and disregarding his promise to the Creature. Victor gave the reason that the creature would not honor it’s word and both creatures combined would be the destruction of humanity.

I think that he was wrong. The monster only ever wanted to help and be kind to humans until it realized that none of them would ever be kind to it. I believe that if Victor would have fulfilled his promise and created a female version of his creature then the monster would have had the assurance that not all humans wanted it dead or that at least his creator cared for it. The creature would have had no reason for any hostility with other humans and would have been able to live in contentment and realize it’s dream of being with another of it’s kind. This would have ensured Henry, Elisabeth, and Victor’s survival and the story would have a very different ending. It might even not have had an ending as well since the current one requires Victor to be taken on-board Walton’s ship and this requires many deaths.


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