The Conception of the Igor character.

Many are familiar with the hunchbacked assistant of Doctor Victor Frankenstein known as Igor, however most people fail to realize that he was not part of the original novel. Indeed, Igor was not even present in the widely successful 1931 film Frankenstein. The original hunchback assistant of the infamous doctor was named Fritz, who unfortunately met his demise at the hands of the Monster after tormenting it with a flaming torch. Sequels of the film, notably Son of Frankenstein, featured a character named Igor, though he was neither hunchbacked nor a lab assistant but rather a blacksmith.

The confusion behind Igor’s role as a hunchbacked assistant may come from the 1953 adaptation of the classic horror film House of Wax. In this movie, the museum curator’s assistant was named Igor, though he was not hunchbacked, but rather deaf and mute.

The similarities between Gothic horror films at the time all took inspiration from the classic Frankenstein movie, and over decades morphed an idea of the original source material which was separate from the novel.





4 thoughts on “The Conception of the Igor character.

  1. It is interesting to think that such an iconic character has nothing to do with the original source material. Curiously enough, in the 2015 film “victor Frankenstein” the character of Igor is present, and he is also a hunchback. Granted, his “handicap” is fixed relatively early in the film, but it is still there. I believe Igor even had his own animated movie a few years ago. I find it fascinating that such a recognizable character grew out and has a life of its own now, and everyone’s perception on him is so drastic to what it originally is.
    Great blog post, you bring a strong light to a subject that not a lot of people know the origins of.

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  2. I am this wondering why Igor’s character was created and added to the movie adaptation of Frankenstein. Do you think that the original Igor representation was developed from a character from the novel by Mary Shelley? Like do you believe that a connect can be made between both works? Great insight on Igor! Thank you, looking forward to reading more !


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